A special thought to Daniela, founding member of the Amelia association in Umbria and owner, with her family, of the historic hotel-restaurant “Lo Scoglio dell’Aquilone”, who says goodbye to us after years of dedication and success.

The hotel and restaurant were a focal point for the community, a place where people gathered to celebrate and share special moments;  Daniela has made all this possible, through her constant commitment she has managed to promote the culinary culture and gastronomic tradition not only of Amelia but also of Umbria.

In saying goodbye, I would like to thank you for your dedication and for representing the spirit of the Association in the deepest way. Your restaurant has been a point of reference for me and for many, many other people. I am confident that your success will continue to enrich the lives of your loved ones and all those who will be lucky enough to meet you along the way.

Hi Da and have a good life.