Collepina is an ancient farm of about 40 hectares located on the Amerino hills, at an altitude of 500m s.l.m.

From its panoramic position, you can admire the city of Amelia (ancient Ameria) with its three thousand years of history. Don’t miss the charming old town with its Renaissance palaces, churches, medieval alleys, and the city museum with the extraordinary bronze statue of the Germanic, recently enhanced with a multimedia installation. At three kilometers the village of Macchie and the hiking trails, crossing the green hills and woods of oaks, while on the horizon you can see the summit of Mount Terminillo.

The farm produces extra virgin olive oil but also barley, horse beans, sunflower, sorghum, spelt, and durum wheat.

In the main body of the farm there is the Restaurant Collepina while in the old barn refined and renovated there are 6 bedrooms overlooking a large garden elegantly maintained and rich in colors. In the right part slightly detached from the main structure are 3 large apartments full of light, pleasantly cool in summer as comfortably warm and welcoming during the other seasons.

You can book a weekend of food and wine, tranquility and relaxation or you can get guided on mountain bike or Road Bike. For culture lovers, the city of Amelia, the Marmore Falls and the medieval town of Narni offer great opportunities for visiting and staying. Other nearby places that can be visited are: Orvieto, Todi and Spoleto.