In Amelia, for fifty years now, the Zanchi family has been crafting authentic wines within a strikingly-beautiful complex of hills that are crowned by the ancient estate residence and the wine-making facility.

Three generations now of the family have dedicated themselves to research into the local growing area, identifying the most-suitable ancient clones of local grapes such as Ciliegiolo and Malvasia.

The surface of the estate is totally dedicated to vineyards and olive groves, all cultivated in accordance with the principles of organic agriculture, in full respect for nature and its cycles. Low yield per vine, harvesting by hand and minimal intervention in winemaking are part of a sustainable production run entirely in the estate, from the vine to the bottle.

As pioneer winemakers in the Amelia DOC terroir, the Zanchi family has crafted the wines that are most representative of the area, transforming local grapes into authentic wines and acting as guardians of the tradition but at the same time letting it evolve by a ceaseless research in vineyard and in winery.

The winery is open to the public from Monday to Saturday and by reservation it is possible to organize guided tours and tastings.