La Gabelletta has all the characteristics of a resort: it is a completely renovated small village where you can better enjoy the great protagonist of our region, the Nature. Few bedrooms and few apartments, all different from each other; a restaurant with rooms that are also different and designed for the seasonality of the places; beautiful terraces with a lounge bar. And then the gardens and the large, immanent forest.

The restaurant offers a cuisine that is the result of a deep love for the best ingredients and traditional local recipes, some actually retrieved from historical archives. The menu, strictly seasonal and changed approximately every two months, is proposed by the chefs after careful research, continuous experimentation and meticulous selection of the best ingredients, all done to rediscover the ancient tastes of Umbria with a modern twist. Finally, it is important to underline that our menus always include a vegetarian dish for each course and that our kitchen and our chefs are organized and trained to prepare dishes suited to the needs of people with food intolerances and allergies.