Macchie - Amelia in Umbria

Macchie, located at an altitude of 552 meters, is a characteristic settlement located in a mountain area, where the traditions of hunters and woodcutters are still alive. Mentioned in archival documents as the ancient “Castrum Machiae” (or “Maclis”), its name derives from the lush woods that surround it. The history of Macchie is closely linked to the events of Amelia, of which it was an important possession for the supply of wood.

Due to its geographical position on the border between the territories subject to the dominion of the Municipality of Todi and those controlled by the Liviani family of Alviano, Macchie has suffered numerous destructions over the centuries.

Legend has it that Emperor Frederick Barbarossa stopped on this hill, interrupting his journey towards Rome, which at the time was devastated by a plague epidemic. Some sections of the walls, a part of the corner tower and the entrance arch to the village remain from the old castle. The old parish church, dedicated to San Nicola di Bari, was radically renovated in the 1930s, thus altering its original architectural structures. Just outside the town is the church known as Madonna del Colle.