Welcome to the new virtual space of the Amelia in Umbria association, created with the intention of sharing with you the beauty and richness of the Umbria region, Amelia, and the Amerino territory.

Through this website and its blog, we aim to create an easily accessible bridge between you and the wonders of this area. You will be taken on a sensory journey, where you can discover the scenic beauty through kilometers of trails, the cultural treasures preserved in the beautiful museum, highlighted by the impressive Bronze Statue of Germanicus, the ancient traditions showcased in the famous historical reenactment of the “Palio dei Colombi,” the culinary delights such as the renowned “Colombaccio alla Leccarda” in perfect harmony with the oil and wine produced on these hills, and the warm hospitality of our accommodations.

Explore these pages and be inspired by the stories and experiences we have prepared for you. We will be here to answer your questions and provide information.

Come and discover Amelia, the Amerino, and become part of our community.